Sunday, April 7, 2013

Training Thrills

We had a great weekend.

My daughter, Quinn, came up from Roanoke, VA to help me (and by that I mean she did everything and I watched with awe) throw Laynie's Sweet 16 birthday party. Laynie had six sweet girl friends over full a full day of "glam" fun. It was so much fun for all of us but the details are for a different that is not what I am blogging about.

General Conference is a true blessing and I enjoyed every second of it but I cannot add anything here to enhance that that is not what I am blogging about either.

My friends, Anna and Jasmin, came up from NoVA for a visit this weekend before Anna heads back for spring term at BYU-I. They are great girls and we always have a wonderful time. Two of our missionaries here in Little Neck taught Jasmin a lesson on the plan of salvation this evening and it was great but that is not what I want to blog about either.

I want to share an experience that our mission had a few weeks ago. I hope you'll ask your missionary in a less public forum for details.

We had a visit from the Missionary Department! Brother Tracy Watson and Brother Greg Droubay came and trained ALL of our missionaries. On Thursday, March 21 Zones 1-5 met at the Rego Park Building. And then on Friday, March 22, Zones 6-9 met at the Plainview Building. We had the unique  (and rare) opportunity to learn how to do missionary work from two of the most experienced and best trainers in the world. The upshot is that we all learned some really basic tools to help us be sharper arrows in the Lord's quiver in bringing this glorious gospel to the people of New York. We were truly, truly blessed by this experience.

So here is the pay off for "slogging through my blogging." Pictures of your missionaries!

Zone 1
with (seated) President Kauffman and President Goepfert, (counselors in the mission presidency), President Calderwood, Brother Watson, Brother Droubay 
Zone 2
Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5
Zone 6
with (seated) Brother Droubay, President Calderwood, Sister Calderwood and Brother Watson

Zone 7

Zone 8 

Zone 9
But of course since these pictures were taken before transfers on April 1 and 2, the zones are somewhat different now. I'll take pictures again in May when we have zone conferences again so you can see your darlings doing their thing! 

Love to all,
Sister Calderwood